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Bottom line? You’re more than a mouth to us.

We’re glad you’re here! Morningside Dental is family owned and family friendly. We look forward to your visits, and we love to see you smile!

For your family’s dental care, choose Morningside Dental. Conveniently located in Sioux City, Iowa, we help patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles! Our family-friendly office provides a range of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative services customized to meet each patient’s unique needs. Offering routine cleanings, teeth whitening, mouth guards, crowns, bridges, children’s dentistry, emergency care, and more, our team is here to make you smile!


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4704 Morningside Ave.

Sioux City, IA 51106


8 a.m. – 5 p.m., M – Th 


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When it comes to dental care, experience counts.

At Morningside Dental, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible dental experience. Our mission? Quality dentistry. Christian values. Exceptional care.

Dr Richad Clark, Founder of Morningside Dental

Dr. Richard Clark and his wife, Barb, started Morningside Dental—a family-friendly, Christ-centered practice in Sioux City. Dr. Clark invited Dr. Kiple to join the team in 1995, and they shared the practice and a strong friendship until Dr. Clark’s unexpected death in 2004.  

Dr. Charles (Chip) Kiple, Dentist

Today Dr. Kiple and staff uphold the exceptional legacy of Morningside Dental’s founder by making sure it’s a place where, as Dr. Clark liked to say, “patients send their friends.”

Dr. Charles (Chip) Kiple, Dentist

Why I love working at Morningside Dental

I get to help people keep their smiles, and I love seeing patients on a regular basis and hearing about their lives.




Our friendly and knowledgeable team is like a second family. Our first priority is you. 

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Dr. Charles (Chip) Kiple, Dentist
Dr. Charles (Chip) Kiple


Shari Bernholtz, Dental Assistant
Shari Bernholtz

Dental Assistant

Vicky Yeska, Dental Assistant
Vicky Yeska

Dental Assistant

Angie Hanson, Dental Hygenist
Angie Hanson

Dental Hygenist

Erin Lange, Dental Hygenist
Erin Lange

Dental Hygenist

Shelly Sargisson-Hennen, Dental Hygienist
Shelly Sargisson-Hennen

Dental Hygienist

Shirley Miller, Office Manager
Shirley Miller

Office Manager

Natasha Curtin, Receptionist
Natasha Curtin




From routine cleanings to complex cases, we're here to help! Contact us to learn more about any of our services.

Tooth whitening, or bleaching, brightens stained or discolored teeth—often with results in only a few days! 


Fixed bridges can be used to fill in space where teeth are missing to “bridge the gap” in

your smile.

Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Kiple isn’t just a dentist. He's a dad, and he's great with kids. Our experienced team specializes in working with children of all ages.


Expert hygienists clean, polish, floss your teeth, and apply fluoride if recommended. For your healthiest smile, schedule cleanings every
six months. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

We can enhance the appearance and health of your smile by bleaching, closing gaps, repairing or reshaping teeth, replacing broken teeth with crowns, and bonding.


Crowns can make your tooth stronger, improve its appearance, support a tooth with a large filling, protect a weak tooth, restore a tooth, or attach to a partial denture.


Partial or complete dentures can replace your missing teeth, benefit your overall health, and
give you back your smile.


Accidents and toothaches don’t always happen during office hours. Contact us for on-call info! We’ll answer your questions and get you the help you need. 


Comprehensive exams include checks for decay, fractures, excessive wear, and gum disease, along with time for Dr. Kiple to address your questions or concerns.


Dr. Kiple can perform routine surgical extractions right in our office. For complex cases, he may offer oral surgery alternatives. 

Family Dental Care

Your family is busy. We can help by scheduling blocks of appointment times to fit your hectic schedule. You can also save time by completing forms ahead of time, before you come in for a visit.


Tooth restorations, or fillings, replace decayed areas known as cavities. Our staff can explain your options for amalgam (silver) or composite (tooth-colored) restorations. 

Mouth Guards

Involved in sports? Mouth guards are a must, as they prevent broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face, or jaw. “Off the shelf” options can help, but custom-made mouth guards offer the best protection for your smile.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Grinding your teeth—also known as bruxism—can lead to headaches, sore jaws, and loose or fractured teeth. Dr. Kiple can create a custom night guard to alleviate teeth grinding and protect your smile. 



“Where patients send their friends” was part of the ad messaging when we opened in 1976. Today the message still rings true, as patients happily share their experiences. 

Click here to share yours!

The office is very friendly, with professional work and workers. Dr. Kiple and his team always make me feel comfortable and special, and Shirley works with me to reschedule my appointments. Thank you for your awesome services!

Everybody at Morningside Dental is very professional, friendly, and makes me feel comfortable! I thought Dr. Clark was the best…Dr. Kiple followed in his footsteps. I wouldn't go anywhere else for dental care!

The staff is always very kind and comforting—always willing to explain everything that needs to be done. Plus they make my kids laugh and enjoy the visit…definitely a family friendly office.

Aimee Nelson

Johnny Hair

I’ve been Morningside Dental patient for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I waited to see my picture on the “No Cavities” board and wondered if I would be next to win the giant animal of the month! I never had any fear or concerns at Morningside Dental. Everyone has always been so friendly and welcoming, and the staff has become like a family. Today my daughters love the same aspects of visiting the dentist as I did growing up. I also appreciate the location, as it’s perfect for my family.

Doris Gettner

We definitely recommend Morningside Dental—not only because of the outstanding care we receive, but also because they are so flexible with our ever-changing schedules. We have often had to reschedule appointments, and they're very happy to help us. They also do a great job of working with our insurance to make sure we get the maximum benefits for our dental care.

Jill & Chad Bork

Jenna, Brayden & Koby

I'd absolutely recommend Morningside Dental to my friends because they are a family friendly office. The staff is very kind and comforting...always willing to explain everything that needs to be done. Best of all, they make my kids laugh and enjoy the visit.

Amiee Nelson

Brook Lang


It’s easy to connect with us. Call or click anytime. We’re here to help!

8 a.m. – 5 p.m., M – Th 



4704 Morningside Ave.
Sioux City, IA 51106


We’re at the corner of Morningside Avenue and Lakeport Road—across from Walgreens and next to Subway.

Have an emergency?
Dial 712-276-2206 for on-call info.
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